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Everyone has a story to tell! It is my job to share that story and to capture images that you will look at many years from now and replay the moments of the story in your mind the same way you do when you watch an old movie and can recite all of the lines in it. The memories just rush right back in.

Photographs have such a power to ignite emotion in our hearts. When we look at an image from our past, whether it's a wedding photo, your kids playing in the tub when they were little, your grandma who you used to bake cookies with... When you hold that photo in your hand your heart floods with emotion and remembrance of a time long ago. 

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Most days you can find me working away behind my computer wearing leggings and a cozy sweater sipping a latte OR playing make believe with my adorable two year old. My life is pretty much a tug of war between those two things! 

I am a visual storyteller. Everyone has a compelling story and it is my humble privilege to be invited into peoples lives in order to share those stories. 

I am bad at small talk and desire deep relationships. I would prefer to skip the surface level chit chat and dive right into what who you are! 

Oh! Also, I am a hardcore introvert living as an extrovert! 

I am really bad at small talk! I desire genuine relationships and would prefer to skip the surface level chit chat and dive right into who you are! Life is too short to continuously talk about the weather. 

Let's be real...

I met my husband when I was 15 years old. We started dating a year later in the beginning of my junior year of high school. For our first date (if you can call it that) Ryan invited me to see a movie. Which I proceeded to show up to with 5 or so of my friends. Ha. I was a tad clueless. The best part is... We didn't even sit next to each other.  #datefail

Thankfully that wasn't the end.

We got married in the spring of 2012 in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains of our home state. 

We became a family of 3 in early 2016 and it has been the greatest adventure yet! My sweet little lady, Adeline Grace makes each day more fun! 

I am a wife and a mama.

In the summer of 2013 I went on a 5 week European adventure where we visited 8 different countries. We spent 21 of those days hoping on and off trains and wandering the cobble stone streets of the most charming places. 

The next year we spent two more weeks exploring. 

The year after that we went to Northern Europe and Iceland for 22 days with two of our dear friends. 

That same year, when I was 25 weeks pregnant I went to Paris for two weeks in the fall. 

This past spring we spent two weeks driving all around Ireland. Oh and then I went to Paris for another week right after that. 

So, needless to say... I have the wanderlust bug. I'm at 19 countries and counting! 

I am a travel addict.

For me, the smell of coffee reminds me of my dad coming into our bedroom in the morning to wake us up when we were little. He would have his cup of coffee in hand as he sat on the edge of the bed helping us to welcome a new day. And when I say us I mean my sister and I. 

For years I did not like the taste of coffee. I was a chai girl. My oh my... How things have changed! 

I am a total coffee snob that will avoid Starbucks at all costs in order to try a new independently run shop that makes their syrups in house! 

I love the community that these kinds of local coffee shops create. One of my favorite things to do when traveling is to try their local coffee spots! 

and obsessed

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"Meghan is a dream to work with! What I love about shoots with her is that she captures all the “in between” moments like those secret smiles you flash at your loved ones when you get distracted and think no one is watching. Each experience is fun and comfortable and completely unique. She has a way of capturing life as it moves around you.
A true artist behind the camera!
I will cherish the memories she’s created for me always! Thank you so much for your beautiful work Meghan!"


 "meghan was absolutely PERFECT! She was clearly very experienced and well versed in wedding photography, and she also appeared to be very passionate about it. I truly appreciated her kindness, positive attitude and most of all her dedication to her work. She made every request I had possible and captured every moment perfectly. I absolutely would hire Meghan and her creativity if I had to do it all again!"


"Meghan was a joy to work with! She has such a creative eyeand was willing to capture anything desired! She was also incredibly timely with making the pictures available to us. I love the memories she captured and will cherish them forever!"


"Meghan is an awesome wedding photographer! If you are looking for a great wedding or engagement session photographer, Visual Poetry is a fantastic choice!"


"Having Meghan as our wedding photographer was a dream come true! There is no way we could have been happier. Our pictures are stunning and everything we imagined they would be. We also received the photos in a VERY timely manner! Meghan's personality is so sweet and genuine , getting pictures taking by her is a breeze and so, so fun!"

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Wedding collections begin at 


Elopement collections begin at $2000




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I am the photographer at every event I book! 

Each package includes...

- Online gallery for viewing, sharing and downloading your images. This gallery will be online and accessible for 10 years after your event/shoot. 

- High resolution digital images. 

- A print release (upon request). 

A second photographer can be added to any package for a flat fee of $750.

An engagement session can be purchased for $450. 

I offer the option for album design and purchase.


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How long have you been shooting weddings? How many weddings have you photographed? I started photographing weddings when I was 18 (in 2006). I worked as a second shooter for 5 years before I created Visual Poetry. I have shot 300+ weddings 
Do you have a second shooter / assistant to help you? I have the option to add on a second shooter to your package. This is a flat fee $750 to any package. 
How many weddings do you shoot per year? I used to shoot 30 events, but since becoming a mama I have limited myself to 20 a year.
Do you offer videography? No, but I have ones I can recommend.
I am ready to book your services! What's the next step? In order to book my services for your wedding day you will need to pick a package. The deposit is 50% of the total and this reserves the date for you. The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to the event. Once I receive a signed contract and deposit the date is booked for you!
What is your cancellation / refund policy? The deposit is nonrefundable. If you have paid your balance and YOU cancel your event for any reasons there is no refund. If for some reason I am unable to uphold my part of the contract your balance will be returned in full.
Do you require a travel fee? If your event is within 70 miles of Denver, no. Other than that, yes.
Do we need to meet before the event/shoot? No. Having a meeting before your wedding is completely up to you! I love getting together with my clients and chatting, but it is not something I require.
Do you offer payment plans? Not typically, but if the only reason you can’t book my services is due the 50% deposit then I am happy to discuss options!
Do we have access to ALL of the photos you take on our wedding day? Nope! I only give my clients the BEST!
Can we receive the RAW files? No.
How many photos will we receive? I put more attention towards quality over quantity, but on average (depending on the amount of coverage) I deliver 300-800 images. 


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