Most days you can find me working away behind my computer wearing leggings and a cozy sweater sipping a latte OR playing make believe with my adorable three year old. My life is pretty much a juggling act between those two things! 

I am a visual storyteller. Everyone has a compelling story and it is my humble privilege to be invited into peoples lives in order to share those stories. 

I am bad at small talk and desire deep relationships. I would prefer to skip the surface level chit chat and dive right into what who you are! 

Hi! I'm Meghan! 

I am a wife and a mama

I met my husband when I was 15 years old. We started dating a year later in the beginning of my junior year of high school. For our first date (if you can call it that) Ryan invited me to see a movie. Which I proceeded to show up to with 5 or so of my friends. Ha. I was a tad clueless. The best part is... We didn't even sit next to each other. #datefail

Thankfully that wasn't the end.

We got married in the spring of 2012 in the gorgeous Colorado Rocky Mountains.

We have three tiny humans that keep us busy and have given our lives more meaning than we ever thought possible! 

I am addicted to travel

In the summer of 2013 I went on a 5 week European adventure where we visited 8 different countries. We spent 21 of those days hoping on and off trains and wandering the cobble stone streets of the most charming places. 

The next year we spent two more weeks exploring. 

The year after that we went to Northern Europe and Iceland for 22 days with two of our dear friends. 

That same year, when I was 25 weeks pregnant I went to Paris for two weeks in the fall. 

This past spring we spent two weeks driving all around Ireland. Oh and then I went to Paris for another week right after that. 

So, needless to say... I have the wanderlust bug. I'm at 19 countries and counting! 

and I am slightly obsessed with coffee 

For me, the smell of coffee reminds me of my dad coming into our bedroom in the morning to wake us up when we were little. He would have his cup of coffee in hand as he sat on the edge of the bed helping us to welcome a new day. And when I say us I mean my sister and I. 

For years I did not like the taste of coffee. I was a chai girl. My oh my... How things have changed! 

I am a total coffee snob that will avoid Starbucks at all costs in order to try a new independently run shop that makes their syrups in house! If they a delicious pastry selection then all the better! 

I love the community that these kinds of local coffee shops create. One of my favorite things to do when traveling is to try new local coffee spots! 

My favorite menu items are a simple cortado or an iced hazelnut latte! Yummm. 

thank you for stopping by!!

I am so glad you are here!! Thank you for reading a little about my story. I would love to hear all about yours and can't wait to be friends!!  

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