Black Canyon Inn Wedding

Black-Canyon-Inn-WeddingCheers to Alyi & Kyle! Such a beautiful Black Canyon Inn wedding!

These two were a dream to work with! Documenting their day was the easiest thing to do because they were beaming with excitement the entire time!

Look at Alyi’s dress!! It’s stunning!


It’s ceremony time… The pavilion Black Canyon Inn is gorgeous!


Not a bad backdrop for family formals!Black-Canyon-Inn-Wedding-7

Their daughter is precious! Black-Canyon-Inn-Wedding-9

These two were magical…



Congratulations to this lovely couple!!


Some words from Alyi…

How did you and Kyle meet? How did he pop the question?

Kyle and I grew up across the street from each other and I mean literally across the street! Our drive ways lined up and I could look out of my bedroom window into his. Kyle’s family was already living there and mine had moved in when I was 3 and Kyle was 8. We are 5 years and 11 days apart. We live in a small town of 7,000 people in the country. My family was the only one with girls in the court and the rest were guys, making my dad a very protective one. My parents had an over the road trucking business and Kyle and another neighbor thought it was the coolest thing. My dad would even take them for rides in the semi. I had talked to Kyle before but my dad wasn’t fond of any of us girls talking to guys, so nothing came of it. Fast forward to when I was 17, I went out ice fishing one night with the neighborhood guys. They knew I was kind of talking to a guy they knew. Kyle didn’t care though, he felt the need to tell me I shouldn’t date him or any of the other neighbors besides him but of course all I’m thinking in my head is gosh I can’t believe this hot cowboy told me that. Nothing ended coming about, not even exchanging numbers. Kyle was doing his own thing and became an owner operator just like my father. I ended up going to school and then working at a cosmetic service facility.
A couple years later it in late November with Christmas on her mind, my mom had asked me what I wanted. Being older I didn’t have anything to want, I have a good family and great sisters what more than someone could ask for. I couldn’t think of anything that could be wrapped with a bow. So I told my mom that I wanted the sexy cowboy across the street, Kyle. Sure enough my mom went over that week talked to his mom and gave her my number to give to Kyle. When my mom told me she did this I could not believe it! Sure enough Kyle texted me a few days later. But he waited a few days to text me so I hit him with the “Kyle who” when he said “Hey this is Kyle”. I knew damn well who it was but I didn’t want to show him how excited I was. He then asked me if I wanted to go out to lunch the next day, I told him I was working a little over a hour away from home. He didn’t care and made the drive to take me out to lunch. We just went to Noodles and Co. because I didn’t have a lot of time, gave him a hug good bye and said see you later. Two days later he texted me. I read that text so fast and I so excited but I took hours to text back. I didn’t want him to know he was all I was thinking about. About 4 days later he asked me if I wanted to go out again and that he would be back home. I had totally forgot that it was deer hunting and that there is horrible service up north. I felt so silly but so relieved that there was a chance for him to like me. Shortly after that we became a couple. Nine months later we got an apartment together. Unfortunately, the place wasn’t taken care of by the land lord and there was mold due to the humidity and moisture in the air. However, there was a house for sale in the area so we put an offer in and moved in shortly after.
A few months down the road after spending countless days/months flipping the house all i wanted was a vacation, just to get away. We booked our flights and went to Florida. I love Florida!! I love the warm weather and I love the beach. One night there we went to dinner on the ocean. Kyle was acting funny.. I didn’t say anything because i couldn’t figure out what or why. We were walking on the beach after dinner and he said lets go to a bigger one. He suggested we go to Clearwater beach. After walking on the sand and letting our feet get wet in the water he walked up a bit from the water. He said put down your sandals, i was holding onto them because i didn’t want sand on them. So i set them down, not thinking why or what for. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him with the most beautiful 4 carat diamond i could ever ask for!!!!

What do you enjoy doing together?

I think if we had to pick something that we love to do together it would be making dinner, mainly because we are making something together. We do a lot of “making” like our daughters crib, benches and redoing things to make them feel new. We also do love to travel and see all different places.

What have you enjoyed about wedding planning?

As far as wedding planning goes our favorite part would probably be picking where we wanted to have it. We really liked the Black Canyon Inn outside pavilion but walked away from the idea since we live states away. We were going to have it back in Wisconsin but realized that wedding would be for the 250 people we would be inviting, not us and it is OUR day. So after searching on The Knot we decided to go with what we wanted first, to have our wedding looking out into the Rocky Mountains.

What are your honeymoon plans?

We are driving to Colorado so for our honeymoon we will travel to multiple southern states to go hiking and see everything there is to offer. We literally can not wait for that either!!







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