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Denver-Family-Photography-1Lindsey, Nate and Theo… Such a sweet family!

I love my job! I am constantly meeting amazing people that turn into friends!

I actually went to high school with Lindsey, but we weren’t friends then… Not by choice – just a big school! Anyways, when she reached out last year about doing her maternity photos I was so excited! We had a blast.

AND THEN a few days ago I had the privilege of photographing them again, but this time little Theo was there giggling and playing in the grass. He is so adorable!

Here are some of my favorites from their family shoot…


I love photographing families. Tiny humans just make everything so much more joyful and goofy! When photographing families with small children I have found that it is so much better to allow for more time during the shoot and just let them play. It has never worked out well to stress and try to force them into a posed smile. Sweet little Theo loved playing in the grass and running to the opposite side of path that Lindsey and Nate were on… Then when they switched to be on the side he was on, he would run to the other side. Ha ha! It was a blast!

I asked Lindsey and Nate a few questions about what it’s been like to have a little one…

What were you most nervous about before having Theo?
Nate- I was most nervous about how much our life was going to change and not knowing what was coming our way.
Lindsey– I was really nervous about having a boy. I grew up with all sisters, went to an all women’s college and generally surround myself with amazing women, so i felt super nervous about tackling parenthood with the unknown!
What has been the hardest part about becoming a parent?
Nate- Having very little time to rest and recuperate
Lindsey– Definitely balancing the working part of me and the mom part of me has been challenging. And the part where sometimes I literally feel like I have no idea what I’m doing and am just winging it.
What’s been your favorite part?
Nate- My favorite part is being able to watch    Theo go from being a tiny little creature that doesn’t even know he exists to a full fledged little person.
Lindsey– Theo is a really independent little dude so I feel lucky and love that we get to witness him at his most independent and his most cuddly.
What’s one thing you enjoy doing the most with Theo?
Nate- I love wrestling around with him!

Lindsey– I love taking Theo to places like the Children’s Garden at Denver Botanic Gardens and letting him really lead the way. Hes a tiny explorer and turns us into explorers too.

Here are some of my favorites from their maternity shoot last year…

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