Happy Birthday Adeline

Happy-Birthday-Adeline4Happy Birthday Adeline

Everyone tells you the time will just fly right by, but I wasn’t quite prepared for it. This year swept by me like a gust of wind. I could not have imagined a more precious little girl. She has changed my world and even though it has only been a year I almost can’t remember what life is like without her. She made me a mom and it is a role I play with tremendous joy.


Adeline Grace…

  • loves to giggle
  • will ‘chase’ you and loves to be chased back
  • has two teeth
  • can sign ‘milk’ and ‘food’
  • stands on her own
  • can say mama
  • whispers ‘wow’
  • loves food … but feeds most of hers to the dog
  • laughs when you say ‘meow’
  • is constantly on the move
  • smiles when the camera comes out
  • loves to play in the bath.. and the sink.. and the dogs water bowl
  • gives kisses
  • will let you hold her if you have some type of button she can play with on your shirt
  • loves music and starts dancing the second she hears it
  • plays peek-a-boo

Just some of the many amazing things that make up my little lady. I am beyond blessed to be her mama.

We celebrated her FIRST BIRTHDAY this past Sunday and it was more amazing that I could have imagined it would be! We were surrounded by the people that mean the most to us and that we pray will be an influencing part of Adeline’s life.

I had so much fun planning her party and making all of the decor. It was a bit time consuming and our home was being overrun by tulle, but it was well worth it!


Thank you to my wonderful father for taking some amazing photos at the party! We will cherish them forever!

And yes…. I did make a photo booth!!


Having babies at the same as your best friends is so much fun!!! I highly recommend it!


Thank you to everyone who came to our sweet ONE YEAR OLD’S party and made it so special!!





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