Krystle & Adam’s Rehearsal Dinner AND Wedding Reaveal!!!

Last December I was walking through Target wandering around the Christmas section getting some cards and a few ornaments for my Christmas tree when my phone rang and I saw that it was Krystle’s name that popped up… Since we usually text rather than talk on the phone I figured it must be important. After answering she said ‘GUESS WHAT???’ I don’t recall exactly what I said, but she blurted out that ‘ADAM PROPOSED!!!’

After 11 months of planning the big day had finally just about arrived!!!

We loaded up the cars and headed to the venue for the rehearsal which was of course followed by the rehearsal dinner 🙂

I have known Krystle since 7th grade and over the years we (along with Kasie, her twin and my other bestest friend) have had many discussions about ‘when we grow up….’ they of course changed over the years… One of my favorites was that Kasie was going to become a famous singer and Krystle and I would tag along for the ride and live in Kasie’s mansion that she would get and we would all live happily ever after.. HMM well, to our surprise that did not happen 🙂 However, over the last three years we have each gotten married and created out new dreams of happily ever after…

I couldn’t be happier for Krystle & Adam as they start this new chapter in their lives!!!!!! NOW, bring on the babies!!! 🙂

Here some shots from the rehearsal dinner… They are both surrounded by so many people that truly love and care about them!!

I was able to take a few shots of Krystle and Adam’s first look 🙂 It was such a precious moment and they were both SO excited!

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