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Maternity-Photography-1Maternity Photography – Krystle & Adam

When Krystle told me she was pregnant I could barely contain my excitement! You see, a few weeks before that I had revealed to her that I was also expecting AND earlier in the year Kasie, her twin sister and my dearest friend had told us that she was pregnant! There must have been something in the water! My best friends were having babies the same time I was! This was going to be so much fun!!

I met Kasie and Krystle in 7th grade and growing up with them has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. I’m not sure what I would have done without them in middle and high school… They made what could have been a crazy handful of year bearable and extremely fun! Our friendship grew into a lifelong bond through adulthood and has just gotten sweeter as the years go by…

I was so excited and happy when Krystle asked me to take some maternity photos for her and her hubby, Adam! She’s absolutely gorgeous and was glowing with joy in anticipation of Sawyers arrival! He is due to arrive in a little over 3 short weeks!!

I am so very excited that my sweet little Adeline Grace will have two friends to play and grow up with!

Becoming a mom is a truly amazing and scary thing… Being able to share this journey with my two best friends has been such a blessing! Being able to confide in each other during a new and intimidating time has been so encouraging!!

Krystle and Adam will be such amazing parents! They have prayed and patiently waited for this little guy and he will be so loved and cherished!


YAY!! I can’t wait to meet Sawyer!

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