baby’s first birthday shoot *Jayden*

A baby’s first birthday is such a fun and incredible occasion to celebrate your little one!

I was able to get away for a few days and decidedĀ  to visit some family in Alamosa, CO. It was a lovely drive – the views were stunning!

My sweet nephew, Jayden turned one in March and we weren’t able to do his first birthday shoot then – so it was awesome to organize the shoot while I was visiting.

OH MY GOSH! He was adorable the entire time! He is naturally a very happy baby, but this was hilarious and so precious… He was giggling and laughing uncontrollably the entire shoot.

It really is crazy how fast time goes by! It feels like we were just getting the text message that they were headed to the hospital when Alyssa went into labor. It was so exciting and so incredible to meet this little guy for the first time! He is such a smart and giggly baby and it’s been fun to watch him grow the last year!

My first day in town we decided to hang colorful streamers on the walls and blow up a bunch of balloon for the shoot – ha! It was such a blast and Jayden was having so much fun – it was quite difficult to get him to be still, but that didn’t matter with that huge grin on his face the entire time!


The next day was ‘cake day’ for sweet baby Jayden! Oh boy was he having fun with this! This time we decided to put the balloons up on the wall instead of the streamers – I love both backgrounds!


My brother and sister (in-law) with their sweet baby boy during his first birthday shoot. Such a precious little family!


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