family photo shoot *Matt & Alyssa*

I loved this family photo shoot I did a few days ago of  my brother and sister (in-law). I was lucky enough to spend a few days with them in Alamosa, CO this week, it was such a blast taking a few days to get away and spend time with family I don’t get to see as often as I would like!

Matt is my husband’s brother and Alyssa his sweet wife. They are such an incredible couple and I truly admire the love and kindness they continuously show one another. They have such incredible respect for each other and their marriage. They got married in May of 2011 – It was such a gorgeous and exciting wedding! It’s been amazing watching them grow as a couple and as a family! Their baby boy, Jayden is the most adorably joyful baby ever!

Alyssa and I hit it off right away! It’s been amazing getting to know each other and spend time together over the years. She is sweet, compassionate, and amazingly kind! I’m blessed to call her my sister and can’t wait for many years to come of memories being made!

We drove around Alamosa looking for a spot to take some family photos – It was tough, being that it was noon and light is not the greatest. However, we found an awesome portico at the court house that had great light! We even had some onlookers cheering them on during the shoot.. Ha!

I’m loving the joy and laughter between Matt and Alyssa during the shoot – such pure and true joy! They are so much fun!


Jayden joined in on the fun after awhile!!


Matt is a state troopers in Alamosa and it was awesome to get a few shots of him in his uniform with Alyssa!




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