Becoming Mom

Becoming-Mom-1Becoming Mom to sweet baby Adeline

I always knew I wanted to be a mom… Just ask Ryan and he will tell you I talked about it often! I have always enjoyed taking care of babies/kids and did a ton of babysitting throughout the years and I just knew one day I wanted to be a mama. What I did not know or couldn’t possibly fathom is how much I would love this precious little girl… I imagined what it would be like, but until she was born I had NO idea what it would feel like. She brings me so much joy… When I catch her gaze and she smiles at me, my heart melts!! It’s my favorite thing and I could just stare and smile with her forever.


We have matching eyes and I’m thinking her hair will be some type of red (like daddys!! When the sun hits it you can tell!


Ryan is a pretty reserved guy with his feelings, but with Adeline he is a teddy bear and watching him goo and ga with her is just the best thing EVER. She sucks his nose (when she’s hungry and he gets too close to her face), drools on him, pulls his beard and he just smiles and giggles with her. 3 months old and she’s got daddy wrapped around her little tiny finger. It’s heartwarming to witness such an innocently pure love.


When we brought her home from the birth center she was pretty chill… She slept a ton, ate, and slept some more. I loved just staring at her! This lasted a few weeks and then she would stay awake a little longer and started to fight sleep in the evenings and THEN for weeks 3-8 (ish) when 6pm rolled around she would cry and cry and wanted to nurse constantly for a few hours before passing out. At first I was thinking “Oh my goodness girlfriend what is going on” BUT after lots of reading online I found out that she was showing signs of what was called the ‘witching hour’. I guess it’s during the evenings when babies get fussy at the same time each night and are just fussy for the sake of being fussy. So, we spent a lot of time bouncing on my yoga ball, nursing and letting her fall asleep on my chest. That’s mostly what seemed to calm her.


This was us for the first two weeks!


I was sleep deprived and desperate, but had more patience that I even knew I could… I just love her so much that just looking at her calms me down.


Here are some iPhone shots from our first month… Lots of sleeping 🙂 She still sleeps with her arms up by her head!


And the second month… She started smiling!!!! We also started going outside a little more.. To the park and for walks!


And this past month she smiles even more and has started to coo and babble… It’s so adorable!!!!!


Stretching is her favorite!!


We love to go out! She’s so awesome at the mall, coffee shops, the park… It’s just too much fun! I am SO thankful to have a job like I do where I can be home with her most of the time. I love spending my time with her!!!!!!


I love this new life we have!!


I cannot believe that I am the mom of a three month old little girl. This has been the most intense three months of my life. It feels like it has flown by but at the same time not… I am trying to soak up every second!I have never been so sleep deprived while filled with so much indescribable joy at the same time.

This little lady has stolen my heart!!


Here is her month to month progress photos! They are fun to see side by side!




I am bed sharing, baby wearing, breast feeding mama and I am loving every second of it!!!

Read more about my birth story and Adeline’s arrival here and here!

Thanks DAD for some of these beautiful images!

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