My Birth Story – Welcome Adeline

My-Birth-Story-1My Birth Story – Welcome Adeline

Goodness it has been quite the whirlwind lately! Last time I posted was at one month prior to my due date… A lot has happened since then and now I have a precious 4 week old baby girl that I absolutely adore. I mentioned in my previous post about how my birth story might not play out the way I had hoped due to the fact that sweet little Adeline had been breech since my 34 week appointment (perhaps even before then). I had tried numerous natural ways to try and encourage her to flip and none of them seemed to work. After many tears and much prayer, we decided to go ahead and have the external version to try and flip her. It was not an easy decision since there are some risks, but after weighing them against those of a breech birth we decided this was best for us. We checked in at Swedish Hospital at 7am the day I was 37 weeks and 4 days along. I was really nervous since I wasn’t sure what to expect and from what I had researched, this was not going to be a comfortable procedure. Mostly I was just praying and hoping that it would work and that Dr. Hall could get Adeline to flip to be head down.


After many hours of waiting and monitoring babes heart rate the doctor came into the room with his entourage of people. He is one of the very few doctors that specializes in breech birth and delivering naturally whenever possible even in the case of breech babies so the nurse informed us that he always has students following along with him wanting to learn. He didn’t waste any time – after informing us of how it would go he did one last ultrasound to confirm she was still breech, lubed up my belly, and he and his midwife stood on opposite sides of each other and began. It was an extremely intense two minutes that felt like two hundred! I closed my eyes tights and attempted to take breaths, but I think I was holding it for most of the time. I let out a huge sigh of relief when they stopped! He did another ultrasound to see the progress and IT WORKED! She was head down at that point! A huge sense of peace consumed me in that moment. I cannot explain how it felt. Having a natural childbirth was/is something that I am extremely passionate about. I think the benefits to both mom and babe outweigh the desire for medication and when I had thought there was a big chance I wasn’t going to be able to deliver naturally I was heartbroken. SO, when he said ‘she’s head down’ I was simply overjoyed! Now the trick was making sure she stayed head down for the next 3 weeks or so… Which she did!

Now that the stressful part was done we could focus on more exciting things… I was getting pretty close to my due date so we decided it was time to do some maternity photos before it was too late… AND I am glad we took them when we did! These images were taken exactly one week before we met our sweet little girl! My dad, an extremely talented photographer met us at Wash Park in Denver to shoot some photos of us to document this incredibly special time.

Here are a few…


I love that last image so much!! Ryan had been reading to my belly for months and the thought that we would be meeting Adeline very soon excited me beyond belief! This particular book was one we had picked out at Tattered Cover. It’s called The Wonderful Things You Will Be. I love it so much because I am so very excited to see who Adeline will grow up to be… To see the things she will enjoy doing and what she will be passionate about. It all makes me so excited to watch her grow!

More on my actual birth story tomorrow!

My dad also took these photos the day after she was born when he met her for the first time! I just love her so much.

My-Birth-Story-7 My-Birth-Story-5 My-Birth-Story-6

I took these images of Adeline when she was two weeks old! She is just so precious to me!


My-Birth-Story-4 My-Birth-Story-3

And just a few of the many iPhone shots I have taken thus far.


Ahhhh those tiny hands…


She’s so funny!

My-Birth-Story-12 copy

My Birth Story

For those of you that made it to the end of the post and would like to know more about my birth story and my personal experience with natural childbirth out of the hospital check back tomorrow for that… I am excited to share it!


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