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Pregnant-PhotographerPregnant Photographer

I haven’t really shared my pregnancy journey thus far in detail other than revealing the gender and my exciting adventures gallivanting around Paris at 25 weeks

I wanted to share this today because my due date is ONE MONTH away!! Oh my! Where has the time gone??? It feels like yesterday I was peeing on a stick and saw two pink lines and then proceeded to pee on 7 more (true story)!!

Anyways, this has been an interesting and exciting time! I was extremely nervous about shooting weddings this season because I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel on any given day and it’s not like I can call in sick to a wedding. However, thank God that my first trimester was nothing like some of the horror stories I have heard in the past. I didn’t have morning sickness or throw up once which is what I was most anxious about happening. I am very thankful that I was able to shoot every wedding I had booked as if nothing had changed!! My business and providing the utmost service to my clients is of great importance to me and I am so excited that my work was not effected in any way! Behind the scenes however was a bit of a different story… Even though it was pretty smooth sailing when it came to how my stomach felt, I did feel like my emotions were attacking me from every direction… Everything irritated me, made me cry (happy tears and sad ones), or want to scream. My poor husband, bless his heart is a real trooper. To make things more interesting, NOTHING ever sounded good to eat and as a result I would just nibble on things here and there and get an upset stomach from not eating enough. I got to the point where I just ate something, even the most bland of things every few hours because obviously I needed sustenance! It is very hard to eat when everything sounds gross… I have struggled with this the entire time. The only thing that really sounds appealing is chocolate chip cookies… And obviously that does not make for a very healthy baby! However, I have indulged more often than I like to admit!

My second trimester felt pretty much the same as the first… The only difference being that I was not nearly as tired. AND the fact that I could wear cute maternity cloths and people actually noticed I was pregnant and it didn’t just look like I was packing on a few pounds! BTW – maternity cloths are crazy expensive… Especially since they aren’t worn for very long! BUT I couldn’t help myself from buying far too many!

The second trimester was the perfect time to travel… AND I did so by going to Paris for 2 weeks on a photography exhibition (stay tuned next week for some images from that adventure)! If you’re on the fence about international travel during pregnancy… I say, DO IT! (Obviously, as long as your doctor approves it) Photographing the charming streets of Paris was an absolute dream…

I did miss my hubby while I was gone and was excited to see him when I returned home! This was the longest I had been away from him since we got married… And I don’t know if it’s because I am more sappy at the moment, but I had never missed him like that before.


I cannot wait to have our sweet baby girl and embark on this new journey with my sexy bearded husband! He is going to be an amazing father!


This was me at 28 weeks…


And then at 34 weeks..


My sweet little family on Christmas Eve! Our dog Gizmo is the spoiled lady of the house at the moment… I’m hoping she can share the attention soon!


Picking a name proved quite the task for us.. However, after months and much narrowing down, we came up one we both love…!!


I cannot wait to meet our precious little girl in 4.5 (ISH) weeks!! AHH!

OH! I almost forgot… My sister is also getting married next Thursday! I am SO beyond excited for her and hope that sweet baby girl holds off until after the wedding!

There has been a bit of stress the last few weeks… At my 34 week prenatal appointment we found out that Adeline is breech. They didn’t seem too alarmed at that point, but did make it clear that we needed to see her head down by 37 weeks or there would be talk of transferring me out. You see, I have chosen to deliver at a midwifery instead of a hospital. Not that I think there is anything wrong with those who choose to deliver in hospitals, but it is not my personal preference and how I want to experience this event. I am extremely passionate about the way I have decided to bring this baby girl into the world and done crazy amounts of research… I do get the weird looks and questions when I tell people that I am delivering at a birthing center with no pain medication and likely wont be laying in a bed while doing so! BUT this is the journey that I believe is best for our family and I truly hope and pray that we are able to do so… Any prayers would be greatly appreciated! I have been to see a chiropractor, acupuncturist, and doing all kinds of stretches and exercises to encourage her to flip… My next appointment is Wednesday and I’m hoping she is head down!

That is all for now…

I know this post was a bit more personal that most and longer… If you got all the way through it, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this update! I’m hoping to post one more before she arrives!

Thanks to Dave Russell for all of the images in this post!

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