Sisters Getting Married!!!!


My Sisters Getting Married !!!!!!!

My little sister getting married in one week from today!! Oh my gosh! I cannot believe this day is here! It seems like yesterday Jonathan was telling me that he was about to propose and I was very impatiently waiting for my sisters call… and now it is almost here!! This is wedding week and it’s full of exciting festivities!

I could not be more excited and happier for them! Jonathan is simply amazing and I am beyond thrilled that he will be marrying my little sister! They are such a wonderful couple that truly gets each other… I have loved being able to travel the world with them and watch their relationship grow over the years. My sisters eyes light up in a way that I have not seen before when she around him! Not only is Jonathan awesome, but his entire family is simply the greatest! They are so welcoming and kindhearted!

I’ve loved helping them with the details of their wedding… It’s always fun to be on the other side of things in the wedding world! They are both so laid back and their wedding is going to simply wonderful!

I’m most excited to witness my sister during such a truly incredible time full of so much joy. She means the world to me and I just cannot wait to celebrate with them as they say their ‘i dos’!!!!

Growing up it was touch and go as to how things might turn out in the future for us… As with many siblings, I’m sure… BUT I am so so blessed that as adults we have grown so close and I can call her my best friend and absolutely love spending time with her!

ONE WEEK!!!!!! YAY!!!!!

They are having their wedding at two of my very favorite venues in Estes Park – Black Canyon Inn and Twin Owls Steakhouse – both wonderful!!


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