choosing your bridemaids – helpful tips

Your bridesmaids are very important to your wedding day! They are the ladies who help you plan your entire wedding and will be there every step of the way on you very special day to make sure everything goes according to plan. Choosing who these special ladies will be can be a hard choice at times, but is a crucial one!

I have seen a variety of wedding parties… Some brides have only a maid of honor and I have photographed a wedding where the bride had 10 bridesmaids! It’s really your preference and who you want to stand with you on your wedding day.

After 7+ years of photographing weddings and witnessing just about everything that can happen at a wedding… My biggest piece of advice in picking your bridesmaids would be to choose ladies who you are very close with and share a special bond. I love the joy and laughter that is shared by a bunch of gals who really care about each other and are just having an awesome time! If you start to choose people for the sake of ‘choosing people’ it can become overwhelming.

Here are a few helpful tips from The Knot to consider when choosing your bridesmaids…

* How many bridesmaids do you want to have?

* More isn’t always merrier

* A bridesmaid doesn’t have to be a woman

* You can have two maids of honor

* It’s okay to have an uneven number of bridesmaids and groomsmen

Martha Stewart Weddings says…

* Being in a wedding comes with a lot of responsibility and expense – make sure everyone knows ahead of time what to expect

This is very important! Your bridesmaids will likely be paying for gifts, bridal shower, bachelorette party, hair and make up appointments, dresses and alterations, shoes, and accessories… I have been in 4 weddings in the past and I LOVED them all, but they cost a pretty penny! Be sure to communicate with your ladies what they have a head of them so that they can prepare.

One other thing I have picked up from brides and wedding planning is that when choosing your bridesmaids dresses be sure to take all of the ladies into consideration – everyone has a different body shape and looks different in each dress. You want your ladies to feel gorgeous on your wedding day – so be sure to choose a dress that everyone loves and feels amazing in!

I have always loved the idea that if your gals don’t know each other very well to plan a ladies brunch once a month leading up to the wedding – you can chat about details and gush about how excited you are!! Plus it’s a nice way to hang out a bunch before the wedding and get to know one another better. (It’s still an awesome idea even if your gals are super close!)


I love this shot from Alica and Spencer’s wedding! Her bridesmaids were so amazing and helpful to her on her wedding day. They were kind and genuine and a blast once the party started! To see their full gallery click here !!

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