romantic adventure – estes park

I am so excited my hubby and I were able to take a couples days and have a romantic adventure!! It’s not very easy for us to with both being in school, my business, and his job.  I was stoked when he told me he could get the time off from work (it’s not usually the easiest thing!) – we drove up to my family’s cabin in Estes Park on Sunday afternoon… We stopped at Whole Foods in Boulder on the way up because Ryan said we had to grill steaks and oh my, they were delicious!!

We spent time reading at Kind Coffee – if you have never been there, you have to go! It’s an awesome coffee shop on the main street of Estes Park. They have comfy couches, great coffee, and delicious treats! Plus it’s awesome to support your local small businesses!!

We discovered an awesome new (to us) restaurant in downtown Estes Park – I will blog about it soon!

We also drove through Rocky Mountain National Park – I love living so close to such a gorgeous part of the country! It was freezing, windy, and snowing – so, OF COURSE I broke out the tripod and we spent 20 minutes outside having a spontaneous photo shoot on the one of the pull offs! Ryan was just loving it… HA! He humored me for awhile and then we shivered our way back to car and finished our drive through the park.

I get the same feeling when I am driving at the base of these huge mountains as I do standing at the shore of the ocean… It’s such a humbling feeling – that there is so much out there and we are so small. It really helps me to put things into perspective. I am just in awe of Gods beautiful creation!

We rented some movies from the Redbox, got snacks, and had two movies nights! I love just hanging out with together! I remember years ago when I was on a plane I over heard these two older ladies chatting and one said the other that being married was like having a sleep over every single night! That comment has always stuck with me because in that moment I thought to myself – I can’t wait to get married and have that! Being married to your best friend really does make it like a sleep over every single night. Ryan and I played Mario on the Wii the other night – how fun is that?? I loved it! Being intentional about spending time with the important people in your life is so crucial and should not be overlooked! It’s far too precious to be neglected.

It’s so refreshing and relaxing to just get away – even if it’s only 90 minutes away from home. It does wonders!

Here are a couple shots from our freezing mini photo shoot … We don’t look it, but it was COLD!

I LOVE flare!!!


My man is a modern day viking! 🙂 His beard is really growing on me!

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