Joyful Childlike Christmas

I first met Steph a year or two after highschool… At that time I had no idea what a life changing friendship it would turn into. I am beyond thankful for her and the role she has played in my life. We connect on so many levels… For instance our crunchy approach to mamahood, our love of spending way too much money at craft stores, a guilty pleasure in young adult novels [Harry Potter and Twilight for the win!], and our consumption of coffee and tea… Just to name a few! There are some things that we differ on significantly, but have been able to set aside because of the value we hold our friendship to.

I adore this mama and friend of mine! I am thankful to go through this life with her.

I was so excited to take some Christmas photos of her precious little lady this year!

These images were taking at The Denver Photo Collective – an amazing studio in Lakewood!

How adorable is Gracen?? That smile and those dimples… OH MY!!


I love Q&A!! Here are some fun details about Steph and Gracen’s Christmas time!

What is your favorite Christmas memory as a kid?

My favorite memory as a kid is of the first time waking up in the morning to find that Santa has come. I was so excited as I walked through the house examining all of the evidence of his visit!

Do you have a favorite holiday memory with Gracen so far?

This is the first year Gracen has really noticed all of the bright lights and Christmas decorations. She’s especially loving Christmas trees right now, so I’ve enjoyed driving her around in the evening to look all of the lit up houses. She gets so excited and I love it.

Were there any family traditions you loved while growing up? Any new traditions you want to start now that you’re the mama?

We did not have any special traditions. My family was pretty boring but I look forward to making my own with Gracen. I imagine myself baking Christmas cookies with her in the future and passing them out the neighbors and friends, making apple butter and drinking hot chocolate in front of the fireplace while we watch The Grinch who Stole Christmas! OH! and One thing I really want to start doing once Gracen is older is cutting down our own Christmas tree!

What’s your favorite thing about Christmas?

My favorite thing about Christmas is the feeling of kindness and joy that fills the air. When I was a little girl, if ever there was a time to believe in magic it was at Christmas time and so I can’t wait to witness that all over again with Gracen!



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