Merry Christmas – Denver Union Station

Merry-Christmas-Denver-Union-StationI can’t believe Christmas is in ONE WEEK!!! Christmas time is my favorite!! As cliché as it is, it’s truly a magical time of year… I love the how festive things become. I love how we slow down and enjoy time with our family and friends. I love giving gifts. I love any coffee drink that has peppermint or eggnog in it and I absolutely LOVE that it becomes socially acceptable to eat dessert all day long…

However,  there is a downside to this wonderful time of year… And that is how insane people become. As a whole I think many people (myself included at times) have lost sight of what this time of year is really about. We have become so wrapped up in presents and the materialistic side of the holiday that we can often times let anxiety and stress take over. All you have to do is ponder the craziness that has become Black Friday (which has creeped it’s way into Thanksgiving Day!) to see how distorted our perception of the importance of this day has become. Rant over!

How adorable is this photo??? I took it right as we were leaving Union Station and I am so glad I could capture this moment of my two loves.

They melt my heart!


I LOVE Denver’s Union Station during Christmas! They decorate a massive Christmas tree right in the middle of the station. The tree is like a real life seek and find! [If you don’t know what a seek and find is…. we can’t be friends.. haha! JK! But seriously… look it up and let it change your life!]

Taking photos with a one year old is ….. interesting. I have learned that you just gotta go with the flow and capture the moments that happen naturally in their element. If you try to force them into yours…. chaos!

Adeline has made our lives a bazillion times more joyful and each day with her in it is an adventure! [yes, there are exhausting and stressful days and some days I want crawl in a hole and scream BUT it’s all apart of the adventure!]

Here are some of my favorites from our family Christmas shoot!


Thank you to my amazing father and the best photographer ever for capturing these images for us! We will treasure them always!

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