Parisian Anniversary

Parisian Anniversary-8Parisian Anniversary

It feels as if these past four years have flown by as fast as the train rushing past us in the image above. It has been quite a whirlwind of ups and downs, more adventures than I thought possible, and making the biggest choice we could have. This man is my best friend. My everything. My love. He knows me better than anyone and I thank God for him every single day. We kind of did it backwards and spent our first anniversary in Paris! How can we top that?? This weeks Paris in Photographs post is a little different and is all about our Parisian Anniversary! It was something I never dreamed possible, but it happened and it was incredible…

Parisian Anniversary-12

What a year of marriage will do to you… HA HA

Just kidding! While there have been hard parts these past four years have been the best EVER! I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

I am beyond thankful to have married a man that has a craving for adventure as strong as mine! Who thrives on seeing new places and desires to wander the world with me. So far over the past four years we have had 3 European adventures and were able able to visit 15 countries!!

France – Italy – Switzerland – Germany – Austria – Belgium Netherlands – Czech Republic – Turkey – Scotland

England – Sweden – Denmark – Norway – Iceland

Coming up we have a trip to Kauai planned this winter and hoping for Ireland in 2018!! We can’t seem to get enough!

Anyways, back to our Parisian Anniversary adventure… After just a year of marriage we embarked on a 5 week trek through 8 European countries! Our first stop was Paris. Neither of us had ever been before, but I had dreamed about it forever and I was ecstatic about the upcoming travels! Planning this trip was quite intimidating since neither of us had been to Europe, let alone on a trip like this before – one where we would be taking planes, trains, metros, and carrying 5 weeks worth of supplies in a backpack! I thought we were crazy, but it turned out perfect and we have used those same bags for our other trips. They are amazing and take off tons of stress of having too much stuff and lugging suitcases through cobblestone streets and busy train stations.

That first time in Paris was magical… Everything was so overwhelmingly amazing and new. Exploring with my hubby is my favorite thing! Ryan is not as wrapped up in the enchantment of this city as I am. I believe on more than one occasion he has called it a concrete city… Which I guess technically it is, but I see it as so much more. Despite his feelings he returned the following year with me and I think if I begged enough he would maybe think about thinking about entertaining the thought of moving there with me.. ha ha ha

Parisian Anniversary-6

I could just walk the streets of Paris for hours… The buildings and storefronts are so intriguing to me. I am loving wandering through life with this stud.

Parisian Anniversary-10

It wouldn’t be Paris without some smooching…

Parisian Anniversary-7

The sunkissed evenings in this city are my favorite.

Parisian Anniversary-16

You can find the coolest places everywhere you go! I love the character of Parisian architecture!!

Parisian Anniversary-13

My best friend.

Parisian Anniversary-15

I can’t imagine walking through life with anyone else…

Parisian Anniversary-5

Walking along the Seine River is one of my other favorite things to do in Paris… Actually walking along any river is amazing! I love the sound of the water rushing by. Walking along this one does offer the over powering smell of urine in different places, but it’s lovely all the same.

Love this shot of the Seine and Notre Dame in the distance.

Parisian Anniversary-14

The night of June 1st we wandered around Montmartre until we found a nice place to eat. We sat outside at a street side cafe/restaurant and listened to a gentleman play the accordion. It was just like something out of a movie. After dinner we got some gelato. The young man serving us asked if I was a lumber woman after we told him we were from Colorado.. What??? Ha I gave a puzzled look, but once Ryan explained it was quite funny! Our┬áParisian Anniversary will be something I treasure forever… Here’s to many more years of adventure and wandering through this life together.

Parisian Anniversary-11

The images above were taken during two different trips to Paris – Ryan might be good, but I don’t think even he can grow that beard in a period of a week. ha ha!

Four years ago I married my best friend…

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and today we have created a life that I am beyond thankful for. He has given me the most precious gift of all… My little lady, Adeline Grace.


I love our life.

Parisian Anniversary-2Parisian Anniversary-4Parisian Anniversary-17

Thank you Dave Russell for the above images and Kj & Rob for our wedding photos!

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