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View More: Du Sacré-Coeur : Church at the top of the hill of butte Montmartre

To continue the series on Paris in Photographs I wanted to share with you one of my favorite spots in the city… Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris, commonly known as Sacré-Coeur is a beautiful basilica that sits atop the highest point in the city in Montmartre. This area, in my opinion is the most enchanting neighborhood in Paris!

I love the relaxing atmosphere that surrounds Sacré-Coeur. Locals sitting on park benches, tourists looking upon this magnificent structure, lovers sitting below on the steps while basking in the romance that radiates through the city… It’s such a diverse place! AND can we talk about carousels??  How magical are they?!


Looking for a good work out in Paris?? Head to the steps below Sacré-Coeur and you’re set!


Surrounding this stunning basilica on the hill are paths that wind around the sides of it and are lined with tons of different kinds of beautiful trees! Beyond them stands the stunning architecture that Paris is known for… I could sit here for hours! BUT be careful… I found out the hard way that with these beautiful trees looming above comes birds… lots and lots of birds and birds poop… above you!


I’ve been to Paris in the summer time and the fall… Fall is by far my favorite! Just looks at all this color!


Behind Sacré-Coeur is a lovely little park with walkways like one below… Seriously??? How can this be real! This is Paris is to me… An place with hidden enchantments around every corner!Sacré-Cœur


I love this old photo of Sacré-Coeur that I found in this lovely book I have called, “The Little Book of Paris”


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