Should you hire a professional to photograph your proposal???


There isn’t a right answer to the question of whether or not you should hire someone to photograph your proposal. Everyone is different and it is completely personal preference!!

I personally LOVE photographing proposals. They are one of the most romantic experiences! I find myself getting giddy and excited for them while I am hiding somewhere off in the distance waiting for that perfect moment!

There is one proposal that has always stuck out and that is Austin and Mckenna! Austin had contacted me shortly before he and Mckenna had a road trip out to Colorado planned. He was going to propose to her during their stay at Della Terra Mountain Chateau. What an absolutely breathtaking location!!! Mckenna was in tears and the joy on her face was incredible! Then Austin pointed over to me to show Mckenna that the whole thing had been photographed and her expression summed up why I love photographing people during the most joyous moments of their lives!

should you hire a professional to photograph your proposal??

Like I said, there is not a right answer to this question. However, I will give you a few reasons why you I think your should consider it if you haven’t already…

1.) Once it kicks it that “this is really happening” it becomes a whirlwind of surprise, joy, and excitement causing the moment to become somewhat of a blur in a haze of happiness. Having the images to look over again and again will allow you to relive it as often as you wish!

2.) You can share the moment in a more personal way with friends and family (if they aren’t already there!)

3.) She’ll love that you thought to have these memories captured for her!

4.) She’ll cherish them forever.


The raw emotion that is expressed in such a moment as this deserves to be captured!


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