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proposal-photography proposal photography

I had just written a blog post about why I think it is important to have someone photograph your proposal. It is such a magical moment that is consumed with raw emotion and I truly believe it deserves to be documented!!

It’s funny how things work out… The day after I posted my thoughts on proposal photography, I received an email from Tyler requesting just that! He had plans to propose to his girlfriend, Brittany and wanted to have the moment photographed. I was SO excited to get his email.. Just the thought of shooting a proposal makes me giddy! While I truly love everything about wedding photography and being able to document such a special occasion for my clients… There is nothing quite like shooting a proposal. I have only done a handful of these and each time I love them more and more! It is not a thought out moment for the one being proposed to. They haven’t thought ahead of what their reaction and expressions will be. Sure, they can imagine that they would say yes and be excited, but there is no rehearsing or daydreaming that can compare to that one single moment. The moment the question is asked it, the response is raw wave of emotion and I absolutely love it!

I found myself getting more and more excited for Brittany the more I discussed the proposal with Tyler! He had told her that he wanted to get professional photos of the two of them taken to have for their new house they had just bought. Tyler had planned to propose to Brittany during the photo shoot and have the entire thing documented! How completely romantic is that??? After meeting with Tyler and discussing the logistics of the shoot and making up a ‘key phrase’ that would let him know that we were in the right place and that he could do it, I just knew it was going to be amazing!

A minute passed by and Tyler stepped back, got down on one knee, pulled out the most beautiful ring and looked up at Brittany awaiting her response…. Brittany said YES with tears in her eyes and the biggest smile stretching across her face! This exact type of emotion is what I love most about what I do. Being able to document the true love that exists between two people is such a joy!

Tyler hid the ring box in his sock so that Brittany wouldn’t suspect anything!


Brittany’s reaction was perfect!



It was a magical day! It was windy at first, but once it calmed down and the sun peaked out from behind the clouds… wow!


What a stunning ring!


Lily Lake in Estes Park was a perfect location. It was gorgeous and not too crowded. A lovely spot for such an occasion!


CONGRATULATIONS to Tyler and Brittany! Thank you for allowing my to document such a magical moment!

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