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Creating-TribesCreating Tribes

A tribe is defined as :

a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect, typically having a recognized leader.

I have a new group of mama friends and we call ourselves the MMC Tribe. We are all around the same age, are what you might call crunchy moms, and have bonded over the new tiny humans that we have all recently created! Creating connections with other human beings is one of the greatest things we will do in this life. To bond with like-minded individuals is simply amazing. A true blessing in a world of chaos. Once I found out I was pregnant I realized that I needed to figure out where to have our little lady… For years I knew I wanted a more a natural approach to birth, but until then I had done zero research about where this could happen. I had a friend who was also pregnant at the time and was getting her prenatal care from a birth center. She gave me the information and I looked into it… I liked what I read online so we decided to go to the orientation. I was sold! The center was amazing and their model of care was exactly what I was hoping to have. I had been seeing an OBGYN up until this point to make sure everything was going okay and it was a horrible experience (By no means are all OB’s are this way, but mine were awful)! I was thrilled to be able to switch. BEST. DECISION. EVER.

Mountain Midwifery Center is amazing! The midwives are the BEST. Their compassionate approach to prenatal care and birth is one of a kind!

Anyways, one of the requirements for new mamas to give birth at MMC is to take a bunch of classes about birth, postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, and infant care. The birth class was taught over three sessions and this is where the MMC Tribe began (before we even knew it). During the classes we were busy soaking it all in, asking lots of questions, and freaking out at least a little bit (or maybe that was just me). Our awesome teacher Heather had created an email list with all the mamas to communicate about the upcoming sessions and any news we needed to know. After our classes wrapped up Heather encouraged us to keep in touch with one another and to send an email to the group when our little ones had been born.

The last few months of my pregnancy were HECTIC and time flew right by! Before I knew it I had a beautiful baby girl. AND then the emails started coming in… So many babies!! I loved reading the birth stories from the other mamas and seeing photos of their adorable little ones! We have even created a Facebook group among ourselves for sharing and asking questions. It’s been extremely helpful to have like-minded mamas to confide in!

After a few months had gone by we began trying to get together. There have been walks, brunches, picnics, and today we had a photoshoot picnic pool party! Eight babies wearing matching MMC onesies… Talk about cuteness overload!

The little ones were not feeling the ‘lay down in a circle with your heads touching photo’. #pinterestfail


So, we moved inside thinking that might help… Nope!

My little Adeline can sure get red! ha ha




I am so thankful for these MMC mamas and our tiny humans!!


Create tribes whenever you can. Bond with with people. It can make all the difference.







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