Fearless Entrepreneurs


I can’t recall the exact moment I met Julia and Ernest, but… I am so glad that I did! I do remember my first few times getting together with Julia. We talked for hours and we hardly knew each other. From there a friendship grew that I am incredibly thankful for. She loves without reserve and has a childlike sense of adventure that I admire greatly. Ernest is genuine and quite funny. He is also serious and determined. Together they have become two very fearless entrepreneurs!

It was a chilly winter weekend that the four of us stayed in Estes Park. We stayed up late talking about our dreams and saying a bunch of ‘what if….’ statements. One of these conversations the following day at Kind Coffee (the best shop in Estes Park!) turned into ‘what if we opened a coffee shop’ and then ‘what if we traveled around Europe together for a few weeks’. Both seemed like unlikely day dreams at the time.

Oh what God had in store…

Not very long after that first conversation, we started really talking about traveling and playing with the idea that MAYBE we could make it work. Maybe we could afford it. Maybe we could get away from work. Maybe maybe maybe…. All of these maybes turned into PLANS! Julia and I sat in the coffee shop at Barns & Noble with both of our laptops open, a ton of travel books, our passports in hand and at the same time clicked CONFIRM on the airlines website!! Oh man! This was really happening!

After many more planning meetings we had tickets bought, lodging booked, trains scheduled… We were set to gallivant around northern Europe for 22 days!

I couldn’t believe this was really happening! I LOVE traveling!! Seeing new places ignites something inside of me!

One of the focuses for this trip was going to be visiting as many coffee shops as we could in order for Julia and Ernest to get a sense of the coffee industry over there, to talk with owners and take notes on all things COFFEE and the business of running a shop.


We visited some awesome places and drank a ton of yummy coffee!


and the treats….!!!!


One of coffee shops we visited in Scotland was The Elephant House. J.K Rowling wrote some of the Harry Potter novels here!!


I’m a die hard HP fan!! So this was pretty cool!

From the back of the shop you can see the Edinburgh Castle.

This was truly a trip of a lifetime!!

Fast forward a year and a few months and in a matter of weeks Julia and Ernest will be opening their own coffee shop!!!!!!!! I cannot express with the words how extremely excited I am for them! This past year has a been a whirlwind of learning, ups and downs, and tons decision making! They truly are fearless entrepreneurs!

Their shop, Sonder will be opening soon! What a unique name! I love it.

This beautiful logo and description is painted on one of the walls inside the shop.

frearless entrepreneur

I can’t wait for the doors to open! They are going to create such an amazing community while serving some delicious coffee!

I am so thankful to have such fearless friends! Two people that dive in without reserve and take risks! “Nothing worth doing is easy.” Their dreams are coming true and what a wonderful thing to be able to do as a young married couple together!









Together, hand in hand, they can do this!! 🙂


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