Stockholm Sweden


Stockholm Sweden

After leaving Copenhagen Denmark we made our way to Stockholm Sweden! We had two days in this lovely city… Which like all of the places we visited, was not nearly enough time! It’s a nice way to get a taste of a city, but to really get a feel for the culture and rich history these ancient cities have to offer – much more time is needed! I am hoping to make my way back to Scandinavia someday! When we first got in we took a train from the airport to a main station close to our hostel and walked the remaining 10 minutes until we found it! We were starved so we headed to a nearby market to get some food to make back at our hostel!

When we arrived at the hostel we learned that they had laundry facilities on site! Since we all brought just enough stuff to fit in our backpacks for the three weeks we were traveling and we were getting about 2/3 of the way in on our trip… We decided it was best for everyone if we spent the morning doing some laundry! After finishing that up we headed out to wander around the beautiful city of Stockholm. We didn’t really have a set plan, just a nice stroll through the quite streets until we got to Gamla Stan – which is Stockholm’s old town area. The closer we got, the more interesting the architecture became!

That evening for dinner Ryan and I found a kabob restaurant right by our hostel! It was delicious and the people working there were beyond helpful and welcoming! After visiting Istanbul, Turkey last year and eating kabobs for 5 days straight.. We have grown very fond of them!!

Our last morning we planned to head back to Gamla Stan one last time to check out a coffee shop and book store that we missed the day before. However, the weather had different plans.. It was a down pour for quite awhile and we took shelter in the courtyard of a gorgeous building with a view of the river… Once it let up enough to where we wouldn’t get soaked we headed back out and made our way over there. After a few hours it was time to head back in order to catch our train to the airport… However, on our walk back it began to pour again and unfortunately we didn’t have time to stop and wait it out… So we walked in the pouring rain for what felt like hours!

In the moment these inconveniences seem utterly frustrating, but almost always when I reflect back they are the moments that add true character to our adventures. These mishaps are the ones I tend to treasure the most.

Enjoy some images for our two days in Stockholm Sweden… I just love the rooftops!


Thank you Julia for this shot of Ryan and I at a cute outdoor seating area we found in Gamla Stan while wandering around!


Next week is Oslo, Norway!

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