Wonderful World of Food


The Wonderful World of Food

Adeline turned 6 months on Saturday! Oh my! Here I am crying again! This whole being a mom thing has turned me into quite a hot mess! Anyways, we planned to introduce her to the wonderful world of food once she turned 6 months old and I have been counting down the days! I had done a tone of research and asked other mamas and decided that we would wait until 6 months for a number of reasons and we have decided to do a modified form of Baby Led Weaning. Adeline had been showing signs of being interested in food for a few weeks… She would quite literally pull my plate of food towards herself while sitting on my lap during mealtimes! It is fun to watch her be so interested in something. Hey eyes get so wide! If only we could know what babies think!

We started with sweet potatoes! I love this beautiful orange vegetable so of course I hoped she would as well… But it’s still up for debate! When we set her in her seat and placed the food in front of her she wasn’t sure what to do with it. Since all we have been doing is trying to keep food out of her hands and now suddenly we just plopped a bunch in front of her! With a little help she realized that she could touch it and then put it her mouth… WHAT?!?!?!?! At first she wasn’t really sure what to do and made the funniest of faces!

Then is went everywhere! Let the fun begin!

You can watch her play around with this mushy food!


Then we moved on to avocados! This seemed to be much yummier for her!

Watch Adeline enjoy this yummy smushy food!


We are super excited for all of the food fun that is to come!!

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