Harper is One – Denver Family Photography

Denver Family Photographer

Oh my gosh! Could Harper be any cuter? I think not!

She is a doll…

Denver Family Photographer

I met her mom when we were in 7th grade math class and she brought me home for a sleepover and the rest is history! I cherish our friendship more than many things in my life and I am so excited and thankful that we have been able to go through the adventure of motherhood together! Becoming a mama is no joke and having people to help and cheer you on makes all the difference. Krystle is one of those people for me!

Harper is Krystle’s second little one… I say it to her all the time, but it seriously looks like someone shrunk her and then there was Harper! If you could see Krystle’s baby pictures you’d know what I mean.

I LOVE taking first birthday photos! The amount of planning parents do before this type of photo shoot is typically unlike any other that will follow and because of that the outfits and props make for a fun shoot!

We took these photos at The Denver Photo Collective – a natural light photo studio in Lakewook, CO! It’s an incredible indoor spot for photos like these! Not to mention the new pink couch and THAT bed!!! What a dream…

Happy 1st Birthday sweet Harper!

Denver Family Photographer

Want to see the day this little love was born?? CLICK HERE! And HERE for Krystle’s maternity photos!

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