Fine Art Photography

Doesn’t that front porch look charming? Can you imagine what what might await you on the other side of the door as you lift up the handle and step in? There would have to be someone fascinating living inside this magical scene before me…

Those were the thoughts running through my head as I took this photo in Hallstatt, Austria, one cloudy afternoon. Who were they? I had no idea, but to this day, seven years after taking this photo, I still wonder who lives on the other side of that wooden door.

This enchanting home is located on this lakeside town…


Each of my photos holds a story in my mind. Whether that’s who I was with, what we did that day or a new experience I had. Sometimes it’s like the above image and I imagine a story in the scene before me… Whatever it may be, there is always a story.

While you won’t always know the story attached to each image, I hope that you too can make up your own narrative to go along with the print.

For the first time, I am offering my Fine Art Images for purchase!!! This is very exciting for me as I treasure each and every photo I have taken during my travels. I have been to 20+ countries and it’s been my dream to share the photographs I have taken from each place with others who will treasure them as much as I do!

Surprise someone special with the perfect gift!

Whether for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or that upcoming birthday, surprise the people in your life with a beautifully framed unique piece of art!

It’s so easy!

Simply click on the link below, pick your favorite images and then choose how you would like them displayed. You can order a print, have it framed or even create a one of a kind unique calendar. Place your order and it will be shipped directly to you! Easy peasy!

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If you share this email/gallery with 3 people and respond to this message letting me know you did so I will send you 3 photos (of my choosing) from my fine art gallery in the form of phone wallpapers! Who doesn’t want something pretty to look at each time they check their phone?


This is WHO I do this for! These two sweet little gals are who I have created this life for.My WHY has changed a few times since I started my business 10 years ago, but right now besides the desire to share my clients’ stories and create bonding relationships through my work, it’s to provide a life for these little loves and to have the flexibility to work while also being home with them.Thank YOU for making that a possibility and helping our dreams come true.
Fine Art Photograph is doorway in Hallstatt Austria.

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xx – Meghan

If you love travel, check out some of my posts about the place I love the most! Fine Art Photography has always been a dream of mine and I am so excited to invite you on this journey with me!

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