Wild Basin Lodge Wedding

Wild Basin Lodge Wedding

Wild Basin Lodge Wedding – Jordan and Jon

These two are the BEST! After finally meeting them at their engagement session this summer (after chatting for months) I knew there wedding was going to be amazing and I wasn’t wrong at all!

A few of my favorite moments from this epic wedding celebration…

Seeing Jordan’s smile as I walked in the door and I knew right away that she was ready to be walking down the aisle. She was so incredible ready! Her giddy smile and bubbly energy was the best way to begin this chapter of her life. She kept telling me “I just want to see him”. Over and over. She wasn’t worried about the flowers or if how the cake looked. She wasn’t stressing over last minute things that needed to be done. She was pacing around the room with a smile of joyful anticipation for seeing Jon’s face as she walked down the aisle to meet him.


When Jordan’s dad saw her for the first time. His expression was such a sweet mix of adoration and approval. I love that they did a first look together and that they both were pretty emotional. I love the tears!

Jordan and Jon – THANK YOU so much for inviting me into this incredible time in your life. It has been an utmost pleasure meeting you both!


Wild Basin Lodge is serious the prettiest place on earth.


Let’s talk about these details…


From the bride…

How did you meet?

In April 2016, I moved to Chambersburg, PA to be closer to work. Shortly after I moved to my new apartment, I met Jon on an online dating website (Match.com). He winked at my picture and I sent him a message saying “hi!” Once we started talking, we hit it off and decided to meet a week later for our first date at a local sushi restaurant. So, finally on Friday May 6, 2016 we met for our first date at our now favorite sushi place in town called Volcano. We had instantly amazing chemistry where we couldn’t stop looking, smiling, or talking to each other for over 3 hours and stayed at the restaurant till closing. As it was now getting late and we reluctantly had to say goodnight to each other because we had an amazing date, Jon sweetly asked me on a second date. The rest is now history 🙂

Tell me your engagement story!

Jon and I absolutely love adventure. Whether it’s trying a new exotic food together, a new restaurant or traveling the country to see a new place. We love to experience new and exciting things we haven’t seen or done before in our lifetimes. Therefore, for a few months we were excitedly talking and planning our next traveling adventure to Jackson, WY. So this past October, Jon and I made the 10 hour drive from Colorado to Jackson, WY to create unforgettable memories and unbeknownst to me the vacation of a lifetime. On Tuesday of our almost week long vacation, we decided to go on a hike at Jenny Lake and Inspiration Point in the Grand Teton National Park. When we arrived to Jenny Lake and started our hike, Jon asked me to hold our hiking backpack. Which I of course said “No problem”. In the midst of our hike, we finally saw the sign for Inspiration Point which was 1 mile up and down. We both looked at each other and decided to start the excursion up to the top of Inspiration Point. A quarter-mile into the hike, we saw a Momma Moose and her baby on the trail. Jon and I are now freaking out as we can’t believe we are 15 feet away from real live Moose. We were both excited at this point and nervous as we don’t want the moose to run us over. However, Jon was more nervous than I was and didn’t want to pass the Moose on the trail. I am a little nervous, but I tell him “We are only in Jackson once, let’s go!”. So after a little persuading Jon agrees to continue our hike together to the top and carefully pass the Moose on the trail. After our hearts stop beating so fast from our first live Moose encounter, we finally make it to the top of Inspiration Point about 45 minutes later. When we get to the top I am a little fatigued and in awe of the amazing views. So we decided to sit down on a boulder together to recoup by drinking a little water and eating a snack. Once I stand back up and go towards the edge of the boulder to take in the amazing views, Jon looks at me and asks me a couple of times if I am going to keep being special for him like forever. I then look at him because he was acting so goofy and I of course say yes. Then I sit back down somehow and he then gets on one knee and asks me “Will you be mine forever?”. My face lights up in shock and excitement once I see him going down on one knee and I say “Yes, of course!”. I then give him a huge hug and kiss and just can’t believe I am now officially going to be the future Mrs. Jednat! 🙂

What was your favorite part of wedding planning?

Saying “Yes to the Dress!” and the cake tasting.

What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day?

I am most excited to see the look on Jon’s face when he sees me for the first time in my dress walking down the aisle towards him. I can’t wait to marry the love of my life!

CLICK HERE to view Jordan and Jons engagement session!


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